(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Caroline’s Baptism

Two weeks ago we baptized my son at Saint Edward Church in Youngstown. I started looking through family photos related to baptisms and found this one. My sister Caroline was baptized at the old Saint Joseph Church, then the Youngstown State University Newman Center, in summer 1983. Around the baptism font are my parents and Caroline’s godparents, our aunt Marie Dockry and uncle Mike Lowry. Both are obscured behind the priest, Fr. Ray Thomas. The Newman Center at Saint Joseph Church was torn down in 1992.

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Family on Ohio Avenue

This photo was taken around 1990 on Ohio Avenue in Youngstown. My grandmother Barb Witt, my uncle Chris Witt, my parents and my sister Caroline all posed at a family get-together. I don’t recall the occasion, however. I’m also not 100% certain of the location. This was either in front of an apartment my grandmother was living at or a block over in front of the home of Mary Catherine and Irving Sanders, first cousin’s 2x removed (but affectionately called aunt and uncle by family). Aunt Mary Catherine provided this photo.

Patrick, Rebecca, Joseph and Caroline Lowry, Barbara Witt and Christopher Witt, photograph, taken on Ohio Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio. digital image, photocopy of original, scanned in 2014 by Joseph Lowry; privately held by Joseph Lowry, [address for private use], Sterling, VA. Six individuals standing in front of door. Provenance is Mary Catherine Sanders to Joseph Lowry.

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Flirting

I can only imagine what’s going on here! This is my grandfather Chuck Lowry flirting with Alberta McHenry. Alberta was my grandfather’s high school sweetheart. She was a 1943 Ursuline High School graduated; my grandfather was a 1942 grad. I have numerous photos of the two of them together. They started dating around 1942 and split up around 1945, before he started dating my grandmother. While it’s a little weird to think of my grandfather with someone other than my grandmother, we have to remember that most of us dated other people before finding the love of our lives. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, some of today’s short-lived romances will be even better documented than those from 60 years ago that exist as just a few 3×3 Kodak prints.

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – A look at the new baby Lowry!

So first, an admission. The subject of this post is only to help drive traffic to my site. Surely a ruse, but if are reading this, it worked. There is not yet a new Lowry in my family, but we are days, hours or minutes away we hope.
This photo was taken in November 1988 shortly after my sister Colleen was born. I was six years old and Caroline five. This photo was taken in the den of our house on Dennick Ave. Colleen is hanging out in a bouncy chair that today would probably be suspect with safety inspectors. At least it has some type of strap to keep her locked in. I’m sporting my favorite Mickey Mouse pajamas and holding ‘Pillow’ (Pillow still exists, albeit in a poorer form). And as Colleen reminded me in the comments, Caroline’s beloved doll Jennifer Maggie is on the couch. Three siblings, two treasured items from our childhood, one photo. I’ve recently started to rewatch one of my favorite childhood shows, The Wonder Years, so I will close this post with this…
Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you’re in diapers, the next day you’re gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place, a town, a house, like a lot of houses. A yard like a lot of other yards. On a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is, after all these years, I still look back… with wonder.
*End Scene*

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Tennis in Spring

I don’t support it’s too much to ask for some warm spring weather so we can get a friendly game of tennis going? Even in Virginia, which as an Ohioan I will say is firmly in the South, we are expected snow again this week. Regardless, in the early 1940’s, I wouldn’t have wanted to go up against this guy. My grandpa Chuck was a tennis phenom, winning the City Series doubles tournament in 1941. This photo is part of a series that appear to have been taken professionally, or at least for a specific purpose such as a yearbook or newspaper. They capture Chuck and his doubles partner on the court in very staged poses. 

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Four Generations of Witts

This photo was provided to me by the spouse of a distant relative, specifically a great nephew of my 1st cousin, 3x removed. How’s that for some genealogical reach? This fantastic image was taken around 1920 and shows four generations of Witts.


Click to enlarge.

Seated L-R: Joseph C. Roolf, with son Norman Roolf, Mary K. Ostien, Martin Witt, Elizabeth Witt, Lenora C. Witt holding Dorothy (baby).
Standing Back Row L-R: John A. Roolf, Margaret M. Ostien Roolf, Johanna Thaner Witt and John A. Witt.

Martin  and Elizabeth Kreher Witt are my 3rd great grandparents. Their son John Albert Witt and his wife Johanna Thaner were featured elsewhere on the blog looking into John’s murder. Lenora Clara (alternatively, Clara Lenora) Witt is John’s daughter, married to Joseph Roolf. She is holding her daughter Dorothy while her husband stands with their other child Norman. Joseph Roolf’s parents John and Margaret Ostien Roolf are behind him, while his grandmother Mary Ostien sits next to him.