(Not So) Wordless Wednesday


Howdy partner! This was Halloween 1987. I was the coolest gunslinger on the Northside of Youngstown (and in the 80’s, Youngstown had more than a few gunslingers) and my sister was a princess (she still is). My vest was homemade by my mom, from a pattern that she bought. The cowboy hat was loaned to me from my mom’s friend, Shirley Morrison. I disctintly remember the Halloween parade at Saint Edward School where the elementary school kids paraded around the classrooms of the upper grades. My costume was a huge hit with the 8th grade girls. I have a hard time believing that today you could get away with taking a pair of cap guns into school.

Caroline Lowry [Nagy] and Joseph P. Lowry, photograph, taken in Youngstown, Ohio, around Halloween 1987; digital image, photocopy of original, scanned in 2015 by Joseph Lowry; privately held by Rebecca Lowry, [address for private use], Poland, Ohio; Two children in Halloween costumes of cowboy and princess; Provenance is Rebecca Lowry to Joseph Lowry.

Photo of the Day – July 5, 2015

If I had to take a guess, I’d say this photo was taken in May 1987 for my sister Caroline’s fifth birthday. The location is the backyard of the first house we grew up at in Youngstown, 233 West Dennick. Mr. and Mrs. Booth’s yellow ranch is behind us. As you can see in the photo, we had a swing set and picnic table as well as a sandbox and garden. Dennick had a great backyard for little kids. The people I can identify in the picture include Caroline (standing on the bench), cousin Laura Lowry (center, at the end of the table), Joe Lowry (me! In the blue shirt and white collar), cousin Mike Lowry to my left and probably one or two of the Muir boys closet to the photographer.

Caroline Lowry with friends and cousins, photograph, taken in the backyard of 233 W Dennick Ave in Youngstown, Ohio around 1987; image taken by unknown photographer; privately held by Patrick Lowry, [address for private use], Poland, Ohio. Caroline Lowry celebrating her fourth birthday with family and friends.

Photo of the Day – January 29, 2015

My sister Caroline had to be only a few weeks old when this photo was taken in June 1983. I believe this was my Witt grandparents’ living room at 330 Fairgreen Avenue in Youngstown. My mom is holding me while my cousin Jacob Sofranko holds Caroline. John Sofranko is to the left of my mom and their mother (and my godmother) Julie Sofranko is on the right.
John Sofranko, Joseph Lowry, Rebecca Witt Lowry, Jacob Sofranko, Caroline Lowry, Julie Sofranko, photograph, taken on Fairgreen Avenue, in about 1983; digital image, photocopy of original, scanned in 2013 by Joseph Lowry; privately held by Rebecca Lowry, [address for private use], Poland, Ohio. Two mothers surrounded by four children. Provenance is Rebecca Lowry to Joseph Lowry.

Photo of the Day – January 17, 2015

My grandparents Chuck and Jean Lowry loved to travel, which was easier said than done with 11 children. Once their kids were older, they often traveled with friends to Florida. I don’t know exactly where this photo was taken, but the trees and horse statue don’t make me think Florida. I’m going to have to ask around to figure this one out. I’m guessing this was taken in the early 1980s.

Charles (1924-2007) and Jean (1924-1987) Lowry, photograph, taken at unknown location in early 1980s; digital image, photocopy of original, scanned in 2013 by Joseph Lowry; privately held by Pat Lowry, [address for private use], Poland, Ohio. Couple standing in front of shrubbery, horse statue and white Colonial structure. Provenance is Charles Lowry to Patrick Lowry.

Photo of the Day – January 6, 2015

My great grandmother Caroline Porubsky Wolford had the gift of the gab, a traditionally Irish phrase, but one that applies nonetheless to this Volga German lady. From her home in Topeka, she made regular phone calls back east to her daughter Barb and granddaughters Julie, Marie and Becky in Youngstown. I’m guessing this snapshot was taken sometime in the 1980’s while great grandma made one of those calls.

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – Caroline’s Baptism

Two weeks ago we baptized my son at Saint Edward Church in Youngstown. I started looking through family photos related to baptisms and found this one. My sister Caroline was baptized at the old Saint Joseph Church, then the Youngstown State University Newman Center, in summer 1983. Around the baptism font are my parents and Caroline’s godparents, our aunt Marie Dockry and uncle Mike Lowry. Both are obscured behind the priest, Fr. Ray Thomas. The Newman Center at Saint Joseph Church was torn down in 1992.