Travel Tuesday – Calvary Cemetery, Leetonia, Ohio

May 25, 2012 was a beautiful spring day. I was in Ohio to attend the wedding of my cousin Michelle and decided to spent a few hours on the road in Columbiana County, Ohio. Thanks to my iPhone, doubling as my camera and GPS, I was quick to locate Calvary Cemetery in Leetonia. Calvary is the final resting place of any number of paternal ancestors, namely Lottmans, Lowrys, and Pepperneys. I was able to locate these graves after 20 minutes of wandering, followed by several questions of a groundskeeper, and then just one minute of walking. This old grizzled cemetery veteran knew the location of their graves down to the row number.
An unknown Lowry family stone. There are no flat markers around it and no other names on the stone. Because of this, it’s hard to confirm who is buried here. There is no records office for this cemetery. I believe either or perhaps both Michael Lowry (1868 – 1949) and his father Michael (1830? – 1928) and their wives are buried here.
This is the grave of Anastasia Lowry McSweeney. She was a daughter of Michael Lowry Jr. and Anna Lottman Lowry. At the age of 24, she died of sarcoma of the hip. She left behind a 1-year-old son Joseph and an estranged husband.

Martin and Margaret Lottman are my 3rd great grandparents. They are buried just feet from the Lowry marker and their granddaughter Anastasia McSweeney. 

The only markers for individuals known to those still living (in this case, a few aunts and uncles) are the next three. My great great grandfather George Peter Pepperney died on Christmas day 1962.

Eleanor J. Pepperney and her sister Katherine E. are buried next to each and next to their parents. Neither married. My aunts and uncles have many memories of aunt Katherine.

All of these graves are in a single area very close to one another just inside the cemetery entrance. The yellow dot is the approximate location as I can best remember two years after visiting the cemetery.

Sunday’s Obituary – Anna Lottman Lowry

Mrs. Michael Lowry Succumbs in Hospital…
The Vindicator published this obituary of my great great grandmother Anna Lottman Lowry on May 7, 1945, two days after her death at Salem Hospital. Born in Germany, she married Michael around 1890. Interestingly, in my massive collection of Lowry family photos, I have not one of Anna (at least that I can identify) and only one of Michael. Since they had five children who survived at least into the 1970’s, I’m hoping that someone out there has additional photos of them.

Mrs. Michael Lowry Succumbs in Hospital,” Youngstown Vindicator, Section 1, Page 16. May 7 1945, accessed November 3, 2013.,1861252&dq=leetonia+michael-lowry&hl=en

Document of the Day: 1924 Death Certificate of Margaret Lottman

Margaret Lottman was born Margaret Bretchel on 8 March 1844 in Germany. According to this death certificate, she died on 28 July 1924 having aged 80 years, 4 months and 19 days.
Released that day was a Time Magazine cover featuring William Sproule, who had merged the Southern Pacific Railroad, of which he was President, with the Central Pacific. This merger created the largest railroad in the country. An afternoon game saw the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Boston Braves 5-2 at Braves Stadium in Boston with future Hall of Famer Pie Traynor playing 3rd base.
Margaret’s cause of death was general carcinomatosis (cancer that had spread throughout the body). She was attended to by Dr. Gary Byers. Her son Charles made the report. She was buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery in Salem, Ohio two days after her death.
Margaret Bretchel Lottman’s headstone at Mount Calvary Cemetery
(picture by Joe Lowry, taken 25 May 2012)
Relationship to me:
Margaret Bretchel (1844- 1924)
mother of:
Anna F. Lottman (1869 – 1945)
father of:
Charles Edward Lowry (1899 – 1975)
father of:
Charles James Lowry (1924 – 2007)
father of:
Patrick Edward Lowry
father of:
Joseph Patrick Lowry
“Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1953,” index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 27 Sep 2012), Margaret Lottman, 1924; citing reference fn 38118, Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio.