Census Sunday: The 1950 U.S. Census has been released!

Federal law protects information collected in the United States Census for 72 years. How they came to that number is unknown, but it does mean that on April 1, 2022, the 1950 U.S. Census was released to the public. Each census occurs on a day, and the 1950 Census occurred on April 1, 1950. Even if the enumerator visited a house on April 4, the information collected was supposed to reflect April 1. If they visited on the 4th, and a newborn was born on April 2, they shouldn’t be included.

When the census was released on Archives.gov, they made available the individual sheets that were used to collect the data, also known as Form P1: 1950 Census of Population and Housing. It includes, among other things, a person’s address, name, age, race, sex, work status, occupation, and type of industry they worked. For many Baby Boomers born immediately after World War II, this is the first time they will appear in the census.

1950 U.S. Census for my uncle Chuck Lowry, my grandparents Chuck and Jean Lowry, and his parents, Charles and Mary Lowry (lines 22-26).

Enumeration District 100-16 in Ohio included the streets of Hanley, Zents, and Thornton, between Wick and Logan on Youngstown’s North Side. This district of just a few streets led to the creation of 21 pages of data by an enumerator who walked each street and spoke with a household member.

In 1950, my grandfather Chuck Lowry lived at 1437 Wick Ave with his wife Jean and their son, Charles. This was his first appearance in a census. Next door, at 1439 Wick, was Chuck’s parents, Charles E and Mary Lowry. They both lived next door to the McGoverns, at 1435, who would be lifelong friends. Interestingly, around the corner at 46 Hanley was the family of Clarence Lowry, but they are of no relation.

State: Ohio
County: Mahoning
Incorporated Place or Township: Youngstown
E.D. Number: 100-16
Date Sheet Started: April 1
Enumerators Signature: Howard Dilley
Checked By: R.E. Myelott on Apr 6, 1950
Sheet No. 3

Line 22
1427 Thornton
Dwelling 24
Not a farm and not on 3 or more acres

Lowry, Charles J, head, white, male, 25 years old, married, born in Ohio; works 40 hours a week as a special delivery messenger for the Post Office. Government employee.

” Mary J, wife, white, female, 25 years old, married, born in Ohio; keeping house, not working, not looking for work, does not have a job outside the home

” Charles J, son, white, male, Nov [born in Nov, meaning he was only 6 months old], never married, born in Ohio.

Line 25
1429 Thornton
Dwelling 25
Not a farm and not on 3 or more acres

Lowry, Charles E, head, white, male, 50 years old, married, born in Ohio; works as an analyst in the rolling steel mill. Private sector employee.

” Mary, wife, white, female, 47 years old, married, born in Pennsylvania; keeping house, not working, not looking for work, does not have a job outside the home


1950 U.S. Federal Census, Mahoning County, Youngstown, population schedule, enumeration district (ED) 100-16, sheet 3, dwelling 24 and 25, households of Charles J. Lowry (24) and Charles E. Lowry (25); digital image, Archives.gov (https://1950census.archives.gov/ : accessed 1 Apr 2022).

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