New Look! With One Catch!

As you can probably tell, we have a new look. I changed the site from using Google’s Blogger platform to WordPress, which gives me more options as the blogger to post and share. While I’m excited about everything I can do with the new site, there is a catch for the reader.

If you previously subscribed to my Blogger site, you will need to re-subscribe to this one. As a reminder, this is what my old site looked like:


And this is what my new site looks like:


So how do you subscribe to my site? It’s very easy! In the top right corner, you will see a header “Subscribe Via Email.” Enter your email address in the box, click “Subscribe” and then check your email for a confirmation link.


Once you click that link, you will get all of the Lowry-Witt genealogy goodness right to your inbox!

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