Photo of the Day – February 3, 2015

This cute little kid crawling in the grass is probably my grandfather Charles Lowry, or Junior as he was called at the time. Based on his age and how bundled up he appears here, I’m guessing this photo was taken in the spring of 1925. Grandpa was born in November 1924, so perhaps this was the first time he was outside to play? How fun it must of been for his parents to be able to photograph that experience!?

Probably Charles James Lowry (1924-2007), photograph, taken at unknown location in mid 1920s; digital image, photocopy of original, scanned in 2013 by Joseph Lowry; privately held by Mary McCaffrey, [address for private use], Canton, Ohio. Infant in light colored outfit, wearing winter cap, crawling in the grass. Provenance is Mary Pepperney Lowry to Charles Lowry to Mary McCaffrey.

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