Top 5 Posts of 2014

2014 was a great year for my genealogy research. I made some fantastic discoveries, both personally and professionally, that will continue to enhance my search for ancestors. This website has been a great resource to help me connect with newly-located cousins and share facts and stories with known relatives. The past year saw the creation of a custom URL – – and almost 70 posts to share information and photos. Thanks to all of you who enjoy what I put together, whether it is by visiting the site or subscribing to the e-mail digest. As I look back, thanks to some Google stat magic, these were the top five posts of 2014…

5. New URL, Same Great Content – The blog has a new home and I am so happy to share it.

4. Treasure Chest Thursday – Pennsylvania Death Certificates, 1906 – 1924 – You have no idea how hard it is to prove someone is dead. Until you have their death certificate, that is.

3. (Not So) Wordless Wednesday – A look at the new baby Lowry! – A little genealogy trickery…

2. Military Monday – The Crew of the ‘Rum Pot II’ – A very cool crew photo of a World War II bomber.

and last but not least…
*Drumroll, Please!*
1. Those Places Thursday – A Geography of the North Side – The most popular item on the blog in 2014 is not even something I wrote. My uncle Chuck Lowry wrote up a few stories of life on Youngstown’s North Side; they are shared here with permission.

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