Treasure Chest Thursday – Happy Birthday Dad!

August 28, 1957 was perhaps a slow news day, unless you were in Salem, Ohio in which case the paparazzi were probably out in full force covering this event. Does it get any more exciting than when “refreshments were served, and the rest of the afternoon was spent visiting?” 
Today is my dad’s birthday, and he’s now a few years older than six but his birthday still warrants a few inches of ink. You don’t see too many birthday parties for 6-year olds in the newspaper, so this was a great find. When I first shared this, my dad claimed to have never seen it so I’m glad I could dig this out of the family archives.
So happy birthday dad! Here’s to many more!
“Patrick Lowry Feted on Sixth Birthday,” 28 August 1957, from Salem News; Joe [name removed for privacy reasons] collection, provided by estate of Charles J. Lowry; privately held by Joe [name removed for privacy reasons, address for private use], Sterling, Virginia.

One thought on “Treasure Chest Thursday – Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. What a sweet post. I have a newspaper clipping like that, too, from the 1930's, in which my great-aunt was hosting a luncheon for my father (who was six or seven at the time). Guess they had to fill those columns somehow!


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