Military Monday – My Ancestors in the American Revolution

The Battle of Long Island

A few days late, but many genealogy bloggers are in honor of the Fourth of July writing about their ancestors who fought in the American Revolution. I have at least one, but perhaps more, direct ancestor who fought in the Colonies between 1775 and 1783. As my paternal ancestors didn’t arrive in the United States until the 1820’s, they are on my maternal side.

  • Zephaniah Rogers served as a private in Captain Satterlee’s Company, Colonel Elmore’s Regiment of the Connecticut Line. Zephaniah is my 5th great grandfather through my maternal grandmother. He enlisted in the regiment on April 16, 1776, less than a month after the British evacuated Boston, for a period of one year. He served in garrison in Johnstown, New York and saw little, if any, combat. He was later awarded a pension for his service. Zephaniah is buried in Indian Run Cemetery in Dublin, Ohio not far from where several of his descendants, including my aunt and sister, live today. I will certainly work to explore his life in the coming months and share those findings here. 
  • The other candidate whose service remains unexplored is Gottfried Wohlfarth (Wolford), who arrived in the United States around the time of the war and would have been of fighting age. He was 35 years old at the end of the war in 1783. I have not confirmed his arrival and thus, his service, if any to his new country.
I have not identified any other direct descendants who may have fought in the Revolution or who could be a candidate for service based on his age and location. If I find additional service for our country’s independence or more on Zephaniah Rogers, as the saying goes, ‘Watch This Space.’

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