Treasure Chest Thursday – Marriage Certificate of Ralph Lowry and Gladys Waller

I never met Ralph Lowry but because of his involvement in several significant dam building projects as an employee of the Bureau of Reclamation, I have a curious interest in his life. On June 4, 1917, Ralph (my first cousin, three times removed or put another way, my great grandfather’s first cousin) applied for a license or ‘Marriage Return’ to married Gladys Brown Waller. The next day, they were “joined in Lawful Wedlock” in a ceremony in her father’s home by a clergyman.
How Ralph and Gladys met is unknown, but they were married in Pullman, Washington, which is the location Washington State University, from which Ralph graduated. Perhaps they were college sweethearts?
Marriage Return
1. Date of license: June 4 – 17
2. Full name of groom: Ralph Lowry
3. Age last birthday: 28
4. Color [a]: White
5. No. of groom’s marriages: First
6. Residence: Sunnyside, WA
7. Birthplace [b]: Bevior, Mo
8. Occupation: Civil Engineer
9. Father’s Name: Edward Lowry
10: Mother’s maiden name: Sarah Humphrey
11: Full name of bride: Gladys Brown Waller
12: Age last birthday: 26
13: Color [a]: White
14. No. of bride’s marriages: First
15. Residence: Pullman
16. Birthplace [b]: Colfax, Wa
17. Occupation: Teacher
18:  Father’s name: O.H. Waller (?)
19: Mother’s maiden name: Billie (?) Brown
20: Date of marriage: June 5 – 17
21. Place of marriage: Pullman
22. By whom married, and official station: C. ?. Harrison, clergy man
23: Name of witnesses and their residences:
No. 1: Anna Waller
No. 2: Graves S McDougall


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