Military Monday – A Letter from the War Department

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24 November 1944
Mrs. Margaret Lowry
Youngstown, Ohio.

Dear Mrs. Lowry:

I am pleased to inform you that the latest report from the theater of operations states that on 9 November your son, Private Charles J. Lowry Jr., was convalescing.

You have my assurance that when additional information is received concerning his condition, you will be notified immediately.

Sincerely yours,

J.A. Ulio
Major General,
The Adjutant general.

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No doubt written in response to a letter from my worried great grandmother, the Adjutant General of the War Department wrote to Margaret Lowry on 24 November 1944 to inform her that my grandfather Charles was convalescing in the theater of operations. This is of course due to the injury he sustained on 28 August during the Battle of Brest, France. By this time, if still in the theater of operations, he was in a hospital in England where more advanced care could be provided.
The letter is quite brief and I do have to wonder who actually signed it. As Adjutant General of the Army, Major General James A. Ulio’s name appeared on every letter providing the status of a soldier. My guess is there were dozens of auto-pens turning out signatures.
The enclosure was included, detailing how to send the soldier a letter, but it was not filled out.

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“Letter from Adjutant-General J.A. Ulio to Mrs. Margaret Lowry.” 1944 November 24. From the collection of Joseph P. Lowry. Scan of the original.

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