2013 – My Year in Genealogy

Some Lowry-Witt genealogy stats for the year:
2 – Number of visits to the National Archives. I hope to better this number in 2014.
4 – Number of cemetery visits. Fortunately for her, I only dragged my wife to one of them.
8 – Number of genealogy webinars I ‘attended.’ There are free webinars on different topics in genealogy offered almost daily. I try to continually increase my genealogy knowledge and webinars are an easy way to do that.
80 – Number of blog entries I’ve written this year.
484 – The number of dollars I’ve spent on genealogy in 2013. Don’t tell my wife. At least my ROI is better than if I’d bought lottery tickets with that money.
1,200 – Number of family photos scanned and uploaded to my Flickr site. A majority of those are Lowry and Pepperney family photos. I have a few additional Witt photos scanned that need to be uploaded. I hope to get that done in the next few weeks.
1,502 – The number of people in my Lowry-Witt family tree. It started as a sloppy mess of a tree, with random additions in there before I started getting serious about genealogy. Instead of starting from scratch with a ‘clean’ tree, I am weeding out the bad info. It’s not the best approach, I know, but it works for me.
7,000 – Approximate number of pageviews on this blog this year. Most of those are by automated bots, but it’s still a great number.

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