Sunday’s Obituary – Sarah Lowry (1858 – 1915)

I have previously shown the tombstone of my 2nd great grand aunt Sarah Lowry. Thanks to a great service provided by the Washington State Library, I now have two obituaries for her, both from the Republic News Miner (still the paper of record in Republic). The first, a death notice, appeared on 5 Feb 1915, just two days after her death. While she was living in Spokane at the time, she spent much of her later life in Republic, Washington, a very small town 123 miles to the northwest.

Sarah and her husband Edward have been a tough nut for me to crack and continue to occupy a significant amount of my research time. One of their sons went on to do very great things for this country and I hope to feature him in the future. Sarah and Edward are the only Lowry’s who moved out of the Ohio area and to the West. I don’t know Sarah’s maiden name, where she was born, or who her parents are. I don’t know when or where Edward died, but believe he outlived Sarah. Interestingly, her obituary makes no mention of Edward so perhaps they were separated or divorced. So many questions, so little time. Fortunately, the blogosphere never runs out of ink!

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The second is a funeral announcement that appeared a week later, 12 Feb 1915. It’s not exactly clear but it appears that her funeral was held in Republic in the local Presbyterian church. Today, there’s only one Presbyterian church in Republic, on Keller Street. I’m not certain that was the church in question, and they don’t have a website.

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Also worth noting are the ‘Extra Fancy $2.50 Jonathans now $1.00 at The Palm Store.’ I have no idea what that means. If they are referring to apples, that is an incredibly expensive price in 1915.
Sarah Lowry obituary, Republic News Miner, Republic, Washington, February 5 and 12, 1915, page 1. Provided by the Ask a Librarian service of the Washington State Library (K. Smeenk, Reference Librarian). Received via email on 27 Jun 2013.

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