Treasure Chest Thursday – 1924 Birth Certificate of Jean Groucutt

I, J.E. Plummer, Chief, Division of Vital Statistics, do hereby certify the following to be a true and correct copy of the CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH OF
Mary Jean Groucutt


I posted this one before, back in December 2012 but wanted to revisit it because I basically posted the original without giving it a thorough look. My grandmother’s birth certificate is in incredibly awful condition. It has been taped and folded repeatedly. It’s currently laying flat, but it’s one of those documents that I’m glad I could digitize because it may not survive it’s next examination.
There are a few fascinating points to this birth certificate. First, it was issued on September 27, 1930. You will notice my grandmother’s date of birth is December 23, 1924. It was not uncommon for those born before 1940(-ish) to only obtain a birth certificate when it was needed for another purpose, such as the start of schooling. Second, this birth certificate indicates that my grandmother had a sibling who died before she was born. The birth certificate reads:
Number of children born alive to this mother, including this child (if born alive): 6
Number of this mother living, including this child (if born alive): 5
My dad, aunts, and uncles have never spoken of an aunt or uncle who may have been born and died at a young age. My research has likewise not turned up this child. All of my grandmother’s known siblings survived into adulthood, and when she died in 1987, my grandmother was thought to be the first to pass away. Obviously, I have some digging to do.

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