Family Friends Friday – The McDermott’s

My grandparents Chuck and Jean Lowry loved traveling, and they loved traveling with Bob and Marion McDermott. Here are some photos of a trip to Miami, Florida around 1966. All of the photos are from a box of photos given to me by my dad about five years ago. I can’t confirm that they are all from the same trip.

It’s pretty easy to tell who the photographer is in most of these photos. Bob, here.

Photographer: Probably Chuck.

Photographer: Probably Bob.

What is on my grandfather’s head?!

Photographer: Probably Marion.

Marion and Chuck. Looks to be in front of a hotel.

Plaid. Way too much plaid.

Perhaps taking in a horse race or going to see the world-famous flamingos of Hialeah Park.

Chuck, Marion and Bob.

Charles and Jean Lowry vacation photographs, original, scanned. Photographs are 4″x4″. Inherited by Patrick Lowry (son of Charles and Jean). Owned 2013 by Joseph Lowry (son of Patrick), (address withheld)

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