Document of the Day: Jean Groucutt’s Birth Certificate

Happy birthday, grandma! My grandma Mary Jean Groucutt Lowry was born on December 23, 1924 in Brookfield Township, Ohio. The sixth of eight children, she was the last one born at home, with younger siblings Barbara and James born in the hospital. Her birth certificate, not on good shape at all and taped ten ways to Sunday, was signed by J. Plummer, Chief, Division of Vital Statistics, Ohio Department of Health on 27 September 1930, nearly six years after her birth.


One thought on “Document of the Day: Jean Groucutt’s Birth Certificate

  1. Oh my word…I didn't know that…but that's how things were done back then..I think my mom told me she didn't pass the first grade because Mother Groc was lonely and kept her home most days!


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