Photo Friday: The Birthday Party

On 3 October 1949, my great great grandmother Henrietta Rogers Wolford celebrated her 80th birthday. The family had a nice party to celebrate. These photos were shared with me on by a person who is probably a distant cousin and has the original images. He confirmed the date and events for me and provided the first two names below. My grandmother Barb Viti, Henrietta’s granddaughter, provided the rest. The bottom photo appears to show a framed photo of Henrietta and her late husband Stanton on the table.
In the top photo from left to right are:
  • Etta Frohwitter Richardson (daughter of Stanton’s sister Florence)
  • Ida B. Frohwitter Schuessler (daughter of Stanton’s sister Florence)
  • Doris Wolford (rear) (daughter of Mabel and UNK Wolford)
  • Dorothy Wolford (middle) (unknown relation)
  • Agnes Wolford Owens (front) (daughter of Henrietta and Stanton)
  • Henry Owens (husband of Agnes Wolford)
  • Henrietta Wolford (my great great grandmother)
  • Mabel Wolford Curry (daughter of Henrietta and Stanton)
  • Eva ‘Babe’ Wolford (daughter of Henrietta and Stanton)
  • Bernard Curry (husband of Mabel Wolford)
  • Caroline Porubsky Wolford (wife of Raymond Hudson Wolford and my great grandmother)
  • Raymond Hudson Wolford (son of Henrietta and Stanton and my great grandfather)

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