My family’s history is filled with names. Daddy Groke. Babs. Michael Lowry. Caroline Wolford. Martin Witt. Some of these names belong to people who are a part of my life. Some belong to people from my family’s past who are little more than strangers. My goal is to take some of those lost names and restore their story so others in my family can learn where we come from.

This blog is to help capture some of my family history on both my paternal and maternal sides. It will serve as a notebook for my research; it’s a place to share information and stories. If you have something to share, please feel free to leave a comment.

My family tree. Click to enlarge.

Going back about seven generations, here are some of my family names. If you have a particular interest in a name, feel free to contact me (link).

Paternal Maternal
Lowry Witt
Groucutt Wolford
Pepperney Bixler
Rogan Porubsky
Bahle Governor
Lottman Perkins
Foy Rogers
Travers Schulmeister
Conley Wunderle
Bretchel Kreher
Buhl Haus
Griffiths Krantz
Coyne Lehn
Callahan Maines
Burke Chapman

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